11 Newborn Needs Items You Don’t Actually Know

I was anxious and insecure about being a mom when I had my first child. Therefore, it was only natural to purchase all the baby supplies (even though I struggled to pay for most of them), believing it would give me knowledge and assurance. In this post we discussed about the Newborn need.

Like many new parents, I believed investing in the right things would make parenting easier for me. For example, I bought a fancy stroller (although I could borrow one from a friend), an expensive baby bath that is essentially a glorified bucket but was “expert-recommended,” and a tonne of unnecessary baby furniture I ended up cramming into my way-too-small space.

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Newborn Need

Unfortunately, and perhaps not unexpectedly, many of the things I bought ended up not being things I needed for my baby. I’m not alone either: According to data from the 2015 Consumer Expenditures Survey, middle-class households will spend around $13,000 per year on each child. I’m convinced that a sizeable chunk of that amount is spent on items stacked in a corner unopened.

Over the years, as I had my second, third, and fourth children, I concluded that many of the baby supplies I had initially purchased weren’t actually “necessary.” I may have saved hundreds of dollars by waiting a few months to determine what my infant actually enjoyed and needed—or by forgoing certain purchases entirely. After all, my newborn’s insomnia, mastitis, or any other problems that came with it weren’t helped by that “status pram.”

I want to tell all the new parents who were formerly like me that you don’t need as much baby gear as you think. Here are several baby supplies you can go without and expert advice on why and how to do so.

A lot of baby clothes

Although adorable baby clothes can be hard to resist, you scarcely need to buy any at first. The cutesy costumes you pictured your baby wearing will work far better in your imagination than in reality since, in those early days, your baby won’t enjoy getting changed (by “won’t enjoy,” we mean “will rant and rage”). You’re more likely to wind up wearing only onesies and sleepwear.

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Speaking of onesies, Jamie Grayson, an expert in baby equipment “When it comes to registering for or purchasing a tonne of pricey baby items, I would err on the side of minimalism because people adore giving cute onesies to children. Children quickly outgrow them, and they get ruined.”

In addition, Grayson recommends parents avoid buying baby shoes since “babies aren’t walking anywhere” and because it’s “essential that newborns be barefoot as much as possible when first learning to scoot, crawl, cruise, and walk” from a developmental standpoint.

You can rent baby garments from websites like UpChoose and Many Moons if you want to save space and money on organic cotton baby clothes.

Bedding Add-Ons

Although we have all bought into the Instagram nursery illusion of a beautifully decorated child’s room, the less ornate the bedding, the better for babies. Opting out can not only save you money, but it is also safer.

“Buy neither blankets nor bumpers. They are only safe for decorative purposes; they should not be used in cribs. Continue using a crib sheet that fits snugly. There are numerous exquisite crib linens available right now, “explains Monica Banks, CEO of the baby product concierge website Gugu Guru.

Several calming baby chairs

According to Banks, you don’t need to surround your home with plastic “baby holders,” despite the fact that a frazzled parent will try everything to calm a crying child. Pick one or possibly two items from a swing, bouncer, rocker, lounger, Pack N Play, exersaucer, etc.

We also advise choosing goods with some longevity: Some baby bouncers can be turned into chairs for toddlers, giving them a longer shelf life than, say, a Jumperoo-style toy that babies can only enjoy for a few months.

Bundles of Bottles

While doing all the preparation work and buying everything before your baby is born can feel peaceful, you might buy the stuff you don’t need.

“Your baby will also have preferences, and they will let you know what they like. Before you know what bottle your baby like, there is no need to purchase large bottle bundles “According to Bump Bestie’s founder, Molly Pross.

Pross advises purchasing diapers and wipes in bulk to save money (and time). She also suggests buying “double duty” things whenever possible, such as a car seat cover that can also be used as a nursing cover.

Up-to-Date Devices

On paper, many things are a parent’s dream come true, but when you look at them more closely, you realize they’re not all that helpful.

Grab the towel warmer: “Warm wipes are a nice idea, but what happens when you’re out and can’t warm them up right away? Simply warm one of them slightly by holding it between your palms if you think they’re cold “suggests Grayson.

A bottle sterilizer, which takes up a lot of counter space (sterilizing with a pot of boiling water is just as effective), and a bottle warmer are other gimmicky baby goods Grayson believes new parents should do without. Once more, you can heat bottles in a small saucepan of warm water. You won’t need a separate baby food blender once your baby starts weaning.

Another thing you may omit is a bath thermometer, even if it has a lovely frog or stingray shape. “You can simply test the water temperature with your hands or by dipping your elbow in, even though water temperature is obviously crucial because we want to prevent burns. No additional thermometer is required “Grayson says.

We still encourage everything that makes being a parent simpler for you as long as you have the money to do so. Before you buy anything in advance, try to identify your pain points once your kid is here because there’s a very big chance that what you believe will be beneficial won’t be. (An example would be when I purchased a manual breast pump instead of a fully electric one because I didn’t feel the need. I’m a new parent, so LOL.

Large furniture items

It’s overwhelming how much furniture is available for infant rooms, and not all are necessary.

Giving changing tables, which may easily cost more than $100, a pass and using a dresser with a changing mat on top is an option (a changing pad on a carpeted surface works too). You don’t require a rocking nursing chair over $200 or a diaper stacker/organizer.

Your infant also doesn’t require many beds: You can save another $100 or more by forgoing the bassinet if you already have a crib.

Anything Not Complementing Your Lifestyle

Every baby product is not intended for every household. If you’ve never wanted to go on those runs alone, your fantasy of being a parent who jogs in the park with your child may not become a reality, so you can forgo the jogging stroller. “Things not according to your lifestyle, like travel gear if you do not travel,” is how Banks describes these purchases.

She also advises sticking to purchases that are appropriate for your area’s temperature and season, so you can avoid outfitting your stroller with rain gear if you live somewhere that is primarily dry or buying newborn winter gear for your kid who was born in the summer.

On the other hand, feel free to overindulge where it fits best with your lifestyle. Because you enjoy being outside, that can entail a fancy stroller that can manage uneven terrain or a lightweight stroller that allows you to keep moving. Make sure the baby gear you select is practical for your household!

A child’s tub

If you decide to skip this step, know that you can safely bathe your child in the shower, tub, or kitchen sink without any additional equipment and that bathing your child with you can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience (just wait until the baby’s navel has healed to be safe).

Every Toy

Banks advise omitting the mobile from the nursery organization process and caution against putting too many toys in the room. You don’t need to purchase any because stuffed animals are among the most popular presents.

A real diaper Bag

I bought this after I had my first child, believing that it would help me stay more organized and make me a more useful version of myself (as if a bag can make that happen). Use your favorite capacious tote or backpack instead to save money. It will work just as well if you add a portable changing mat and all the baby supplies.

Products for grooming infants

You can stay away from a huge industry of infant grooming products like baby cologne ( “Yes, it does exist. You shouldn’t utilise it, in fact “Grayson states). Another unneeded purchase is baby washing detergent since you can get away with a basic fragrance-free detergent.

According to Banks, hospitals frequently provide new parents with grooming kits that include complimentary combs and aspirators, so you won’t need to buy those too.

Finally, we want to emphasize that there are neither “wrong” nor “right” items to purchase for your child. Instead, think about the equipment and accessories most appropriate for your family and way of life and plan accordingly. And keep in mind that most baby purchases have no deadline, so you can wait until your kid is born to buy the items you genuinely need and want.

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