31 Month Old Child Development

Your toddler has been your baby his entire life until another baby is born. If you’re expecting, you might be concerned about how your toddler will adjust to having an older sibling instead of being the youngest. Although, You could be concerned about how to tell him the news of the impending birth and how he will respond. 31 Month Old Child Development

5 Things to Avoid When Sleep Training Your Baby

You and your husband must deliver the news to your child first, rather than close friends or family members. Be upbeat, but refrain from promising your child that the baby will be enjoyable to play with, as this will likely take some time and will only lead to disappointment. Instead, describe to your toddler how babies are small and spend a lot of time feeding, sleeping, and sometimes even screaming. A book about being a big brother can sometimes help establish expectations.

31 Month Old Child Development

It’s typical for your toddler to have both positive and negative feelings about getting a sibling. To make him feel involved, involve him in the baby’s preparations. Tell him that if he wants, he can speak with the child inside you. Giving your child a doll will also enable him to role-play being an older sibling.

Tell your child that he gets to stay at Grandma’s house while you are in the hospital giving birth as your due date draws near. He can take pleasure in assisting you in packing both his bag and the hospital bag. Put a picture of you and your child along with his belongings, and above all, tell your child that you love him so much and will continue to do so both during your pregnancy and after giving birth.

12 Month Old Baby Development

Outside Security

The great outdoors, with its wide-open spaces, playgrounds, sandboxes, sprinklers, and even snow, may be very enjoyable for young children. It’s a lot of fun to play outside and a great way to keep kids active. By taking the necessary steps and educating your child about outdoor safety, you can help maintain it.

No matter where they are, whether in your yard, a park, or a campground, your child should always be aware of the rules. Additionally, you must maintain a tight check on your child even though he may be aware of his boundaries. Supervision is crucial if you’re close to a body of water. If you are in a home with a pool, make sure the entrances and exits are locked, and never leave your child unattended next to a pool.

With sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays, you can safeguard your child’s skin and yourself. There are many products designed specifically for a child’s delicate skin.

Your youngster must wear a toddler helmet whether riding your bike or zooming around on his own wheels. In the event of a bike accident, helmets can prevent fatalities as well as severe brain injuries. Find a helmet that fits well and your child enjoys it since he will be likelier to wear it.

Although they can be fun for youngsters, outdoor trampolines are inherently unsafe. Before letting your child bounce on a trampoline, verify the age recommendations (and review other trampoline safety rules, too).

Dealing with Mommy Guilt

Moms frequently experience guilt in various contexts, and those negative sentiments and inadequacies frequently begin when a child is born. The absurd thing is that these self-imposed guilt trips will persist throughout parenthood if uncontrolled. Yikes!

Mama, it’s time to fight the guilt and embrace your role as a mother rather than allowing persistently depressing ideas to undermine your self-worth and break your spirit.

Things sometimes go differently than planned when it comes to parenting. The thoughts and personality of your child, who is his own (sometimes unpredictable) person, will only sometimes coincide with what you believe is best for him. However, Recognize that there is only so much you can teach your young child and that he will occasionally behave badly.

Apologize if you discover that you were the one who was acting badly toward your child. You can admit you’re human and that you can let go of your guilt by being forgiven.

Refuse to feel guilty about making time for your well-being or your marriage. Being a mother does not affect the fact that you are also a wife, daughter, friend, and individual with her own interests and demands. Your child will learn to regard you as more than just the wonderful woman who looks after him daily if you demonstrate your value.


Don’t let yourself indulge in guilt trips, whether from your sister, mother-in-law, child, or yourself. No parent is perfect, so you’re doing the best you can. Pay attention to the voice of reason inside of you. Continuous self-criticism only harms you and diverts your attention and energy away from the things that make you happy in life. 31 Month Old Child Development


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