22 Month Old Baby Development

Your kid has experienced more changes in her first year than she will ever again, and the past month has been particularly hectic. Your baby is developing physically at a rapid pace, reaching milestones like cruising by grasping onto furniture, walking. However, At the same time, you hold her hands, standing up by flexing her knees and pushing herself off the ground with her hands, and sitting down by herself. The reason why your tiny walker occasionally likes to crawl is likely because sometimes her body goes quicker than she would like it to. 22 Month Old Baby Development

31 Month Old Child Development

Babies can typically say “Mama” and “Dada” (or something similar) by the one-year mark, along with two to eight more words, frequently “no” or “bye-bye.” She normally merely babbles at this point, but her up-and-down intonation will reveal her intentions, and she will appreciate it if you react in kind.

22-month-old emotional development

She now also possesses an intriguing personality, filled with a wide spectrum of emotions that she freely expresses (and recognizes in others). While your toddler still has some nervousness about new people and prefers familiar faces (like yours! ). Although, she is frequently affectionate and humorous, ready to play with you and other people, and excited to advance into the upcoming stages.

Expanding Menu of Baby

Your one-year-old can pick up her food, drink from her sippy cup, and even assist choose her own snacks, so you had hoped that feeding would become easier. However, all of a sudden, it appears that she isn’t eating much at all. It can be unsettling to notice a change in eating patterns—and a slowdown in both weight increase and height gain—at the year mark, but it’s completely normal. The recommended daily calorie intake for a 12-month-old is as follows:

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grain weight:

3 ounces. Five whole wheat crackers, a slice of bread, a serving of pasta, and a serving of cereal make up this meal.
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one cup of vegetables Try adding cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, fresh tomato dice, or canned corn to your diet. You may also disguise spinach in your favourite dishes like spaghetti or even brownies.
one fruit cup. Strawberries, applesauce, canned peaches, and juice all qualify as healthy options; however, juice tends to provide more sugar than fibre.
2 cups of milk. Picture milk, yoghurt, pudding, or cheese. One and a half ounces of cheese equals one cup of milk.
two ounces of protein That may be 2 tablespoons of lean meat and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, or 1/4 cup of cooked beans and an egg.
For a few days, count the servings and you might be amazed at how little food your child truly need. Stop fretting and pay attention to your child’s instincts when it comes to eating.

Celebrate the birth of your child

While in some respects the past year seemed to fly by, in others it seemed to drag on for the longest year of your life. You hadn’t even met the tiny person who has so drastically altered your day-to-day only a little over a year ago, after all. You can’t even begin to picture life without her now.

Take a moment to appreciate your first year as a mother when you’re getting ready to celebrate your child’s first birthday. You’ve achieved a few fascinating milestones, after all:

waking up in the middle of the night to feed, burp, and soothe a crying infant while barely falling asleep three times.
even the toughest diapers can be changed without flinching

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You can discreetly nurse your infant anywhere and at any time.

lugging around newborn carriers and carrying your baby for hours at a time will result in great biceps.
handle screaming, sobbing, ear infections, fevers, cuts, bruises, rashes, and fevers with ease
granting requests for kisses, hugs, squeezes, and embraces

More affection than you ever imagined feeling

Regardless of what you had anticipated before becoming a mother, you most likely feel completely different now that it has been a year. It’s understandable why, given that you successfully cared for your child for a full year, integrating her into your life and perhaps even making her the centre of your universe. And you made it! Happy motherhood anniversary and congrats! 22 Month Old Baby Development

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