12 Month Old Baby Development

Your little one has been through more in the last month than she ever will in her entire life, and her first year has been full of more upheaval than she will ever experience again. Your little one is developing physically at a rapid clip, reaching numerous developmental milestones such as cruising with the help of furniture grabs, walking with the aid of your hands, pulling herself to a standing position (by flexing her knees and pushing off the floor with her hands), and sitting independently.12 Month Old Baby Development Your little walker may prefer to crawl instead of a walk since her body develops quicker than she can keep up with at times.

All About Your Baby Hearing

Babies often have a vocabulary of two to eight words by the time they turn one, including the basic “Mama” and “Dada” and perhaps “no” or “bye-bye.” Her babbled utterances may be difficult to understand, but you can always tell when she means something by the rise and fall of her voice, and she loves it when you do the same.

She’s also developed a fascinating character, with a wide spectrum of feelings that she now displays openly (and recognises in others). While your toddler may still be shy around new people and show favouritism to familiar ones (like you! ), she is likely to be humorous, affectionate, and eager to play with you and others as she eagerly awaits the next developmental stage.

Facts About Health and Safety

The Developing Baby Diet
Your 1-year-old can already pick up her food, drink from a sippy cup, and even help select her snacks; nevertheless, she seems to be losing interest in eating. A slowdown in weight and height gain, as well as a shift in eating habits around the one-year mark, can be concerning, but they are normal. The recommended daily allowance for a child aged 12 months is as follows.

There are 3 ounces of grains. That’s a slice of bread, a serving of pasta, a serving of cereal, and five whole wheat crackers.
The equivalent of one cup of vegetables. To disguise spinach in beloved dishes like spaghetti and brownies, try mixing it with cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, sliced fresh tomatoes, or canned corn.
1/4 of a fruit salad. Juice also counts, but since it typically contains more sugar than fibre, try to restrict your juice consumption and choose whole fruits and vegetables instead.

Approximately 2 cups of milk or yoghurt. Foods made with milk include yoghurt, pudding, and cheese. One cup of milk equals about four slices of cheese (1 1/2 ounces).

The protein equivalent of two fluid ounces. This might be anything from a quarter cup of cooked beans and an egg to two tablespoons of lean meat and a single spoonful of peanut butter.
If you give your child the same amount of food every day for a few days, you may be shocked to find out how little they require. So, relax and go with the flow of your child’s indications at meals.

Honour Your Child’s First Year of Life

This past year has either flown by or felt like an eternity, depending on your perspective. After all, it has only been a little over a year since you first met the tiny human who has had such a huge impact on your daily life. It’s hard to picture your world without her now.

If you’re getting ready to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, remember to honour your first year as a mother. After all, you’ve reached some impressive benchmarks:

In the middle of the night, you get up to feed, burp, and soothe a cranky baby, and you only fall asleep three times.

Being unfazed by even the messiest diaper changes

You can do so discreetly and publicly if you need to nurse your infant.
You’ll get bulging biceps from carrying baby carriers and holding your baby for long periods.
Taking it all in stride: ear infections, fevers, scratches, scrapes, bruises, rashes, screaming, and weeping
Providing kind touches whenever asked for

A deeper sense of affection than you ever imagined you could feel

Regardless of your pre-motherhood expectations, you’ll likely feel like a completely different person after a year of motherhood. It’s understandable; after a year of careful nurturing, your baby is undoubtedly the focus of your attention. That’s great news that you made it! Best wishes on your motherhood anniversary!

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